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Contemplating a Claim?

At a time when your life has been disrupted by a potentially devastating event, insureds find themselves having to deal with their disability insurance company, an ominous experience for even the most educated and determined individuals.  The unfortunate reality is that even if your disability insurance policy is with a respected insurance company and you’ve paid your premiums for years, the claim process is very disconcerting.

What quickly becomes apparent is that the financial security you thought you had for your family becomes dependent an insurance company’s disability claims adjudication process – something you may know little to nothing about. ​

Where do you find the most reliable source to help with the many questions and demands from the disability insurance company?  Here are your alternatives:

  • Allow the insurance company to handle the processing of your claim alone, trusting that they will pay you fairly, accurately, and timely.
  • Ask your disability insurance agent or broker who sold the product to get involved and handle it.  These professionals are skilled in meeting your needs for insurance, but not in navigating the minefield of how to get a disability claim approved and paid.
  • Hire an disability claims attorney, which becomes an expensive and lengthy ordeal for what may have started as a simple, straightforward case.  More information is available at Do I Need an Attorney?

Your options are limited.  The downside is the risk of lost benefits, losing the financial security promised to you and your family.  The longer a claim can last, the greater the monthly benefit, and the less obvious the disability, the higher “profile” your benefit claim has to the insurance company and the greater the risk of losing your rightful benefits.  You are no longer a customer of the insurance company – you become a target. ​

Royal Claims Advocates was formed by several long-time disability insurance industry insiders who became shocked and disappointed in the approaches being adopted by claim departments of disability insurance companies.  We realized that few insureds knew what they were up against and deserved much better information and resources to balance against those that were lined up to fight their disability claims.

We don’t work for insurance companies.  We don’t dabble in any other lines of consulting.  We work exclusively for clients who need their disability benefits from their insurance company.  Our sole responsibility is to work with our clients to complete the countless claim forms, compile all of the information and documents needed to support their claim, and educate them on how to obtain their rightful benefits.  The end result of our effort is that our clients receive all of their benefits more quickly with fewer hassles.

Here are some examples of how Royal Claims Advocates can help you navigate the disability claims adjudication process:

  • Complete the benefit claim forms, line by line, in a way that honestly and clearly presents your medical and occupational problems in the best possible light
  • Simplify and clarify discussions and communications with the insurance company
  • Figure out the best approach to report your pre-disability and current duties and hours
  • Work with your treating physicians so that they provide the information and documents needed for your benefit claim
  • Assess whether subjective symptoms can also be demonstrated by objective symptoms with different medical testing
  • Work with your accountants so that they provide the documents needed for your claim
  • Advise on how the terms and clauses of your disability policy can be applied to your individual situation and how the requirements can be most easily met

Our team of medical, occupational, and financial experts have worked together on many types of disability benefit policies, including:

  • Total Disability
  • Residual or Partial Disability
  • Income Replacement
  • Business Overhead Expenses
  • Buyout or Buy-Sell Insurance
  • Long Term Disability, group policies
  • Waiver of Premium

There are many other ways that we work with our clients, depending on the circumstances of their disability benefit claim.  We try to leverage technology as much as possible, using  Skype to host video-conferences as well as organizing and sharing documents using our proprietary and secure Client Portal.​

Sometimes, the best approach to understand and prepare a disability claim is to meet in person to discuss the claim and compile all of the necessary information and documents.  We are able to meet anywhere in the country, at almost anytime, as soon as a meeting can be scheduled.

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    • lonnie harris on March 3, 2016 at 9:28 am
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    I live in mn and want help to file my diability clame for ssi ihave lawer for work comp case TPD can u help only in person atleast at frist I’m no big on the net what does this cost

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